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Can A Marital Relationship Quiz Hurt Your Relationship

A marital relationship test, will it injure or assist your relationship? This is a question you must be asking yourself before you submit your spouse or yourself to the test. The general reality of the matter is that more information is constantly better than less, however you have to beware about interpreting the results of […]

Bedroom Treason

Direct Answers – Column for the week of March 22, 2004 Simply a note to ask if there are other wives and men who enjoy in their marital relationship and in their affair at the very same time? I am fulfilled at home, in the bed and mentally, with 2 men satisfying my requirements. {It […]

Can a Marital Relationship Become Stronger by Swinging?

While divorce rates increase and marriage break down on a daily basis, an outdoors observer of swinging may think that it helps to trigger marriage crises. This is certainly not the case. Swinging, through various specific interviews and case studies, has been shown to assist strong marriages end up being even more powerful. Strength in […]